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Why partner with us?

We do not charge any fees! Yes, you read it right. We work on revenue sharing basis which means we take a small percentage of what we generate together. On registration, you will be assigned a Google Certified Expert/Account Manager who will guide you in making the most of your ad serving potential on your website. We will guide you in optimizing your ads and uncovering opportunities to increase your earnings.

Our Clients


Essential Solutions For Publishers

Effectively manage, maximize, monetize and optimize all your digital advertising formats (Display, Video, Mobile) across all screens with the best ad serving solutions

Programmatic Ad Buying

Minimize unsold inventory, segment and extend your audience list, control premium and remnant inventory, demand maximum CPM rates for narrowly defined target audiences from advertisers

Preferred Deals and Private Auctions

Negotiate with premium advertisers, at deals and auctions, by setting a specific CPM floor rates for premium ad placements to yield higher returns for ad inventory on your website

Ad Serving Solutions (DFP)

Use the power of DFP, an advanced ad serving technology by Google, to dynamically allocate the ad inventory to achieve better fill rates and optimize and monetize impressions

Monetization & Optimization

Sell your ad space to biggest brand advertisers and programmatic buyers through real time auctions at premium rates to increase revenue from premium and remnant inventory

Video Advertising

Create a deeper engagement with your website users by showing videos and monetizing them with premium in-stream ads programmatically through leading video platforms

Consulting and Professional Services

Our multi-skilled team is dedicated to help to provide services like in-depth server reports and analysis, inventory optimization, quick integration and customized solutions

Are you a content publisher looking to monetize your website? You have come to the right place

Who we are?

Ad Federal is a team of 100 + professionals helping content publishers earn more from the advertisements on their websites through real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic platforms on both display banners and videos. We work with multiple ad exchanges like Google ADx, Appnexus, Mediamath etc and offer premium banner and video ads.


How can Ad Federal help me?

    Ad Federal uses latest contextual advertising technology to allow publishers to display advertisements related to their website content leading to higher click-through rate. We offer customized solutions to publishers to optimize and monetize their website by offering different ad sizes and ad formats to satisfy their needs.

    How much can I Earn?

      Publishers can increase their ad revenue by 10 to 100% with our services. The actual revenue may vary depending on website performance and market conditions.

      How can my website display Ad Federal ads?

        Ad Federal scans your website and generates a code which needs to be inserted within the body of your Html code on your website. For example:

        Insert your ad code here

        How can I get higher CPM rates without empty impressions?

          At Ad Federal, we understand that a publisher wants the best price for each ad request, high fill rates, higher CPMs, safe and reliable payments and easy implementation. So, we offer an option of Doubleclick Ad Exchange. This approach automatically makes changes to the pricing rules to find the best solution between CPM and fill rates so that a publisher gets the greatest yield.

          How can I monetize my remnant ads, without hurting direct sales?

            Ad Federal deals with multiple ad exchanges ensuring that your website never goes out of demand. With buyers across exchanges looking to buy ad spaces, you have a better chance of monetizing each impression.

            Sellers have control over which advertisers can bid for their inventory and what price they pay, allowing you to monetize your remnant without risk of devaluing your direct offering.

            How can I get more revenue from header bidding?

              Header bidding is amongst the many ways publishers are trying to generate more revenue out of their ad inventory. DoubleClick Ad Exchange is the preferred ‘final bid’ in most header bidding set-ups.

              Ad Federal can provide a means to access DoubleClick Ad Exchange without the hassles of acquiring and running a full account. An expert from our team will help you with DFP integration and in setting up the account quickly saving you the burden of long approval process.

              Can you help if I don’t have time to serve ads?

                Yes, you focus on your website content and we will do the ad-serving for you. Starting from Ad-server set-up, to negotiating with buyers, to optimizing placements, to trafficking ads, to testing and ensuring that you get the best rates, we will do it all.

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